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The ABC’s of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of giving attention to the present moment without attaching to certain outcomes or judgement. In my experience, mindfulness is about quieting down your role as narrator, and allowing the intellect of your other sense organs to take over. The beauty of mindfulness is that it does not require you to sit a-top a Himalayan mountain for months in search of eternal enlightenment. There are both formal and informal practices to choose from, all of which can fit comfortably into a busy lifestyle. Whether you can allocate half-an-hour each morning to mindful meditation, integrate mindfulness into your daily yoga practice or commit to a simple mindful minute at your desk, there are excuse-free options for everyone.

Pink Ribbon Yoga – Support Women Living with Cancer. Book Your Mat Today

We’re so excited to announce the next amazing cause our spring session will be supporting – Cancer Council NSW! Come join us for Pink Ribbon Yoga Classes and help put an end to women’s cancer! You’re invited to join us on the mat and support Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon campaign. All profits from these classes will fund world-class research into women’s cancers, cancer prevention and advocacy programs, and support services to help those affected by women’s cancers at every stage of their journey.

Survival Guide: Your First Yoga Retreat

Recently I was lucky enough to enjoy A 3-day yoga retreat in the gorgeous Govinda Valley just south of Sydney with Kirsty Wright Yoga. It was my first ever yoga retreat. Initially, I thought the idea of a retreat was all too lavish and indulgent. Fortunatley, I caught onto the falseness of this perspective and gave the retreat a chance. It’s fair to say that most people come to retreat during a time of transition. I was no different. I drove into retreat with a bit of baggage, having a handful of big decisions to make in most areas of my personal life. Heading off on a solo road trip to hang out with a bunch of strangers when I was feeling vulnerable was of course a bit daunting, but my soul called for it, so I followed.

How To Harness Your Yin Energy For Ultimate Healing.

The circular Yin and Yang symbol is well known in the West, and appears often in our popular culture. First arising in Taoist tradition, this black and white circular symbol has some pretty immense meaning. In fact, it is so vast, it represents everything in our entire universe. Going back to the moment of the big bang, when our manifested universe came to be, an explosion of dualist matter occurred  – this is known as Yin and Yang. 

Better Than Before – How To Master Healthy Habits And Live A Happier Life

First things first – you’re amazing. Just as you are. However, we all have goals and visions we aspire to. Being the best versions of ourselves is a positive focus for us all. Habits can often help us get there. Habits are behaviours we want to follow forever, without decision or debate. They allow us to act without thinking. Studies show that about one-fourth of our waking time is spent resisting desire – the urge to eat, rest, relax, and pursue pleasure. By mastering our habits, we eliminate decision and have much more mental resources to devote elsewhere.

Our 5 best tips for traveling yogis

Most yogis have a natural sense of wanderlust, an attitude for adventure and feet that can’t quite stay in the same place for too long. Travel is a way for us to explore our practice through new perspectives and expand on our experiences off the mat. Whether you have a regular self-practice, or you’re just in need of a stretch between international flights, yoga could be just the thing you need to center while traveling.

What a 30-Day Yoga challenge really feels like – And why you should do it!

Over the month of May, I committed myself to 30 days of Yoga at Hom Yoga. If you’re an Ashtangi, who has the discipline to commit to their daily self-practice, this may seem like no big deal.  However, to must of us, and most definitely myself, fitting in a daily studio practice was a big challenge. Time-management soon became the least of the challenges I faced.

Ethical With Ease – How to dress head to mat in yoga gear that does good!

There’s no denying that sports luxe is in. The aesthetics of yoga is unavoidable nowadays with pretzel-shaped yogis all over our social pages, and everyone trading in their skinny jeans for yoga tights. I remember feeling a sense of pride when I purchased my first Lululemon mat to take with me to yoga teacher training. I absolutely loved it. Before I even had a chance to practice on my gorgeous new mat our teachers handed us a permanent marker and asked us to draw alignment marks ALL over our mats. I quickly had to learn that attaching to material items only causes misery.

And we’re open for practice

I didn’t envision it would take this long to get my first blog post up. Amidst completing my Yoga Teacher Training in the beautiful Balian Beach, on the west coast of Bali, I had a brilliant idea. When I arrived back in Sydney, I would use my newfound yoga skills to serve my community. As a globalist, that meant I gave myself the small task of solving the world’s problems through group yoga classes.