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Omology – What it is, was and will be

Hello Lovelies,

After over 8 months of travelling this wonderful world of ours, I thought a bit of an update was in order.

Firstly, THANK YOU to every single person who came along to my classes, stopped by to read an article or donated to one of the causes Omology was supporting. Together we raised thousands of dollars for girls education in Africa and Cambodia, emergency relief in Nepal and cancer research. That’s a whole lot of good coming off the mat!

My goal in starting Omology was to find a place in this world to engage with and to be as useful as possible in achieving these goals. My focus was to raise funds and build a channel for girls education and my vehicle for such change was yoga.

Omology’s Pink Ribbon Yoga for Cancer Council

Aside from having the solo adventure of a lifetime and practising with the source of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, I did have a greater reason for being in India. I set off to India with the intention to scope out the situation of girls in the region and to see how Omology could best be of service. I created business plan after business plan about how Omology would re-connect the yoga industry to its core of service and girls would be the beneficiary.

I had some really great meetings, with some very vital and inspiring organisations. I also called upon a few brilliant and badass women from around the world who are already in the business of making the world a better place for girls.

I had conversations with young girls and women all over India about education and about the status of girls. From acid attack survivors, human trafficking victims to market stall owners, mothers, daughters and sisters – all attesting to the fact that India remains one of the worst countries in the world to be born a girl.

The issues that women in India face are complex. The solution, just as harrowing. Getting girls into the classroom and away from the discrimination and violence that often keeps them from school is a mission that millions of us have to have in our hearts if we want to see it happen.

My main learning in all of this was that so many compassionate and clever people and organisations are already working tirelessly to see more girls have access to education. To create another just for the sake of it was neither sensible or ethical. If I was going to be of any use, I needed to be an expert in the field, as well as having many more resources, both financial and in skill, to back my idea and mission. What I came to accept, was that I just simply was not there yet.

It wasn’t the difficulty of it that deterred me. I’m not afraid of hard work. Or a huge challenge! I just came to accept that the best way to be of service, for now, was to continue to support existing organisation through fundraising and awareness. Although at the time I felt a sense of failure, I’m confident that my learnings led me in the right direction.


Omology’s Community Class for One Girl

Rather than heading back to Sydney to focus on building Omology, I decided to chase a different dream – moving to London. By some chance of a miracle, or perhaps years of manifesting, I’ve become lucky enough to land a job with my dream organisation, Amnesty International UK. Working to defend human rights around the world is a true blessing and I’m so proud of the work that my colleagues at Amnesty achieve each and every single day! Just last Friday we mobilised thousands of action-takers to make sure 10-year old Ghina, who was shot by a sniper in Syria was given the urgent surgery she needed. 

So for now, I’m going to focus on getting more experience, meeting more inspiring people and understanding the world of international development a little better. I’m more committed than ever to the plight of women around the world, especially in the realm of equal access to education. However, I’ll be channelling my energy outside of the start-up scene for now. I’ll still be writing articles about gender issues, social enterprise, yoga culture, human rights and continuing conversations with and about people and organisation making the world a bit more blissful.

If any of this sparks your interest, stick around. If not, thank you again for keeping an eye on Omology, I’m super proud of the community that backed my crazy ideas and came along for the ride.

I’m sure I’ll be teaching pop up classes here and there to continue to support causes I care about. So if you’re in London – see you on the mat soon!

Love and light,


Omology Yoga from Hannah Klassek on Vimeo.

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