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Travel Tips for The Magical Mysore

Royal Mysore, the city of palaces, is a must see in South India. Aside from its famed palace, silk and temples, Mysore offers travellers a place to slow down their pace.  Mysore is the second cleanest city in India and its streets still prioritise pedestrians, a nice change from most Indian cities. The roads are wide and reasonably quiet, with coconut vendors and cows being most of the crowd. Mysore is also the home of Ashtanga yoga, so it draws in thousands of yogis each year.

Whether you’ve come to practice, explore or relax, Omology’s guide to Mysore has you covered.

Chamundi Hills
This hilltop Hindu temple is a must see in Mysore. The best part about it is walking the 1001 steps to the top. Although it’s tough, the path is very almost private, and you receive better views along the way than from at the top if you take the bus up. Plus it is believed that you earn good karma from the Gods by walking to the temple.

The Palace
Home of the Royal Maharajahs, the Palace is a stunning sight of architecture, art and history. In 2006, the palace had more visitors than the Taj Mahal! Head there on a Sunday from 7-7:30 to see the entire palace lit up.

Devaraja Market
When you’re ready to explore the hustle and bustle head to the city centre for the markets. Filled with fruit, oils, jewellery and knick-knacks the market is a quick reminder you can find chaos everywhere in India. Good luck navigating your way through!

Kunti Betta
If you’re looking for a bit of adventure and want to stretch your legs, challenge yourself with Kunti Betta. This mountain made from rock boulders takes around 2 hours to climb, as you crawl and slide your way through the tricky terrain. Used as a guard area for the French against the British it’s a gorgeous view point of Mysore.

Kunti Betta Mysore Go Mowgli
If you want to explore more of Mysore, the team at GoMowgli offer great day tours in and around Mysore. The team are amazing, all very passionate about travel, culture and community. I learnt so much about India, tourism, Hinduism and story telling from my time with GoMowgli. Their tours are perfect to meet other travellers as well as the team themselves who will quickly become friends.

Sonder is the perfect oasis to chill out and meet new people in this relatively quiet town. Situated between the city centre, and the yogi town of Gokulam, at Sonder you get the best of both worlds. Whether you’re laying in their hammock reading a book from their extensive library, enjoying a Bollywood movie night or practicing yoga on their rooftop, you’re guaranteed a good stay. Almost everyone who came to Sonder, stayed much longer in Mysore than anticipated.

The place is clean and comfortable with hot showers and great wifi! From 500rs including breakfast, it’s great value.

Beyond the comfort, the best part about your stay will be the owner and manager, Deshek and Pinky. These perfect hosts invited us to a friends wedding, took us Sari shopping, arranged treks and were always around to share their wisdom about their country and culture. They have really created a home for travellers in Mysore.

If you are staying for longer period and need your own place, simply post your dates on the Facebook group page and someone will get back to you. Expect to pay around 15000-20000 for the month.Sonder hostel MysoreEAT
Tina’s Cafe
With a simple set menu everyday, you can choose a few of their dishes to try. From kofta balls, dhal, dosas to potato curries, their menu is made to reflect homemade Indian cuisine.

A beautiful breakfast hangout. Open only until 2:00pm this is your go to spot for fresh smoothies and simple breakfast if you need a break from Indian style such as cheese toasties or omelettes. The owner is super friendly, and the space often host events such as Kirtan chanting.

Green Leaf
A local eatery that serves cheap Thali until 3:00pm. The menu is extensive and flavours not too flaming.

Street Food
Go Mogwgli offer free food tours for guests at Sonder. I highly recommend this for your first nights in Mysore to become familiar with the different dishes and vendors. Street food is often the most tasty, so if you’re nervous about where to try, let GoMowgli introduce you.

Silent Shores
Mysore is hot! Even in the middle of winter, the temperature is soaring above 30. Silent Shores is a splash of luxury for those days you need to cool off. At just 350rs for the day, you can enjoy their huge pool and lounge area.

The 3 Sisters
If you are in Mysore to practice yoga, you’ll no doubt hear of the benefits of canola oil and Ayurvedic massage. Far from the candle-lit and music playing serenity of beauty parlour massages, the 3 Sisters services are definitely Indian style – no frills! You’re asked to strip naked, and lay on the floor of an Indian apartment, as two strong Indian women hang from ropes and massage you with their feet. Not one for the prudish, but the perfect massage to release toxins and relax stressed muscles. At 2000rs it’s quite pricey, but a must do if you are enrolled in a long practice in Mysore.

If you have any questions about travelling to Mysore, just get in touch below.


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